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Photograph of Kargo Titanium Water Bottle Cage shown with 9.5-inch Kargo Mountain Bike Tube Bag


Water bottle cage by King Cage
Ballistic nylon bag by Tallac
Made in the USA

We agree.

Water bottle tool kits are nothing new. Riders seeking alternatives to saddle bags have been stuffing tools inside of water bottles since forever.

But the same question always follows. Where do I put my water?

Kargo is the first water bottle cage that lets you carry cargo. Unlike other water bottle tool kits you’ll never have to choose between carrying your tools and carrying water. Learn more »

Behold Tool Kit Cage with 7.5-inch Kargo Road Bike Tube Bag


Flat repair kit cage by King Cage
Ballistic nylon bag by Tallac
Made in the USA

Behold makes it easy to always be prepared to fix a flat. It mounts just like a water bottle cage.

Pack a Kargo bag with your tools, CO2 and a tube (up to 29-inch). Snap two quick-release buckles and you’re set.

Unlike a clanky seat bag it’s completely out of your way on the frame. Attach any water bottle cage if you like.

Behold gives you 24/7 access to the emergency essentials you know you should always carry. Learn more »

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Bicycling Magazine Reviews Kargo

Tallac’s Kargo water bottle cage was recently featured by Bicycling Magazine.

Emily Furia noted that it’s harder to access a Kargo bag than a seat pack, but that the Kargo cage offers advantages over seat bags: it won’t rattle or swing during hard pedaling, the bag easily slips into a jersey pocket when you’re off the bike, and it won’t chafe against your brand-new pair of bibs.

Visit bicycling Magazine’s website to read the review »